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OnSIP Launches Into WebRTC Platform-as-a-Service Offering

onsip-logo_300pxThis week OnSIP, long known for its popular SMB hosted PBX service, launched a new initiative offering WebRTC– based platform-as-a-service. Their core business has been the hosted PBX service, which is built upon SIP standards. This new service targets web developers who want to easily incorporate WebRTC into their applications.

The companies web site has been extended to include an area described as OnSIP For Developers which details the service offering. The principle behind the service is to leverage their core SIP infrastructure to deliver the signaling solution that WebRTC alone does not provide. Thus a web developer can easily create a WebRTC based front-end that’s backed by the scalable, geographically distributed infrastructure of the OnSIP hosted PBX platform.

OnSIP already has a feature rich SIP environment with 25k+ customers. This new service allows web developers to add Mayday-like video, voice, chat & data sharing capability, including such niceties as PSTN access. It’s easy to think of how this formula could be used to create a WebRTC-based customer service portal, backed by a mix of WebRTC and SIP-based agents in a distributed call center.

To make this effort easier for developers the OnSIP team have launched an open source project called SIP.js. This Javascript API is a fork of the existing JSSIP.js, but extended to support the underlying OnSIP network.

A new InstaCall feature is a further facet of this launch. An InstaCall button can be embedded in a web site, providing WebRTC-based click-to-call from a web page. Calls initiated via the InstaCall button are routed by the OnSIP network, which includes ACD and queue capability.

Existing OnSIP customers can take advantage of the this capability by way of InstaPhone, a WebRTC-based end-point-in-the-browser. Customers can log into InstaPhone using their existing web login and SIP password.

The following screenshot is from an InstaCall/InstaPhone call I had with OnSIP CTO John Riordan last week.


The launch of the new service takes OnSIP into a new arena. Rather than selling to businesses they will be targeting web developers. To that end, they expect to be attending various related shows and conferences throughout the year, presenting on WebRTC and the merits of their standards-based SIP signaling solution.

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  • I’ve been a happy Junction Networks customer since even before their OnSIP brand was launched
  • Junction Networks/OnSIP is a sponsor of the VoIP Users Conference
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