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Deal Alert: Jawbone ERA HDVoice-capable Bluetooth Headset

This mornings news dump includes a message from who are today offering a notable item. The Jawbone ERA is a HDVoice capable Bluetooth headset for $39.99. While the list price is $90, I see it offered elsewhere for around $50, making the $39.99 deal not bad at all.

I have no specific experience with this wee device, but I’ve heard good things from fellow HDVoice enthusiast Steven Perich of Melbourne, Australia.

Of course, this offer is only good for a number of hours. Don’t dally or you’ll be stuck in a narrowband hell when the mobile HDVoice tidal wave hits.

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  1. Dont be fooled, unless you purchase ANYTHING Jawbone from anyone other than who they consider to be their “Retail Partners” (As shown on their website), you have NO warranty through Jawbone at all. I bought mine on and when I wanted to have it serviced/exchanged a few weeks later, I found all this out and was hosed.

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