Deal Alert: Jawbone ERA HDVoice-capable Bluetooth Headset

This mornings news dump includes a message from who are today offering a notable item. The Jawbone ERA is a HDVoice capable Bluetooth headset for $39.99. While the list price is $90, I see it offered elsewhere for around $50, making the $39.99 deal not bad at all.

I have no specific experience with this wee device, but I’ve heard good things from fellow HDVoice enthusiast Steven Perich of Melbourne, Australia.

Of course, this offer is only good for a number of hours. Don’t dally or you’ll be stuck in a narrowband hell when the mobile HDVoice tidal wave hits.

CounterPath’s Bria For iPad: Obsoletes Desk Phones & Conference Phones?

Bria-iPad-Edition-beauty-200In the course of announcing it’s new Bria iPad Edition CounterPath recently made some very bold claims. They claim that within their own company Bria iPad Edition has essentially replaced desktop phones. They further claim it has overtaken their use of dedicated conference phones in meeting rooms. Citing their own internal experience they have brashly declared that the death of the desk phone is upon us.

One would expect a leading maker of soft phones to be less than enthusiastic about the future of hard phones. There is a very clear uptick in the use of soft phones, inspired by Skype at first, but then accelerated by UC clients from companies like Avaya, Mitel and even Microsoft.

Be that as it may, there remain tens of millions of IP phones on desktops around the globe. Clearly, the death of the category has not been universally observed. I hear no weeping from the various Polycom devices that litter my working life.

However, it has been said that the future is already here, just not yet evenly distributed. Perhaps I simply hold a position later on the curve of this trend?

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