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Random Facts: Bria iPhone Edition

The team over at Junction Networks have just posed a nice review of Bria iPhone Edition.

Todd Carothers, VP of Product Management at Counterpath will be on part 2 of Friday’s VUC call to discuss this new product offering.

Since I am working in the Burbank office this week I had one of my iPhone-wielding associates purchase the software and give it a try on his iPhone 3G. We only took a few minutes to get the registration data entered but didn’t have time to make any calls yet. Perhaps I’ll have more on that later.

Earlier this week that same associate has ordered a couple of iPhone 4s. He may consign one of his older iPhone’s to me once the new hardware arrives. I have no need of another cell phone, but it would be interesting to have a iOS platform available to experiment with some of the related applications, and the price is right!

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  1. Answered my first incoming OnSIP call using Bria on my iPhone 3G today. So far, my only disappointment (a big one) is that the Bria app on the iPhone can register only one of my SIP accounts at a time, unlike Bria 3 on my Mac.

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