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One Month Emboldened By The Blackberry 9700

The last topic I want to mention is battery life. Given the pattern of my use of the phone I’ve found the battery life to be adequate. But what that mean exactly?

Under typical conditions it lasts me the day entire for certain. If I don’t use a Twitter app, and so minimize my data access, then it will last me two days. I haven’t been able to determine if using UMA vs 3G makes an appreciable difference in battery life.

Ideally, I’d hope for greater battery life, more akin to what I used to have with my 8100 or Motorola Razr. Admittedly, those devices made little use of data applications and were more like plain vanilla “feature phones.” Battery life was never an issue with them, so that’s a goal that the “Smart Phones” should strive to meet.

I’d be remiss if I failed to mention the Blackberry service outages that have plagued the company this past week. They’re real but for some reason they haven’t impacted me much, if at all. I could be that they occurred during a period when I was not traveling. They seem to impact people who rely upon BIS or BES. I am one of the few who use the desktop redirector to forward my email from my desktop PC to the handheld. Yes, it means that I leave my PC on 24/7…but I’m ok with that, even though many people are not.

I also wonder if the fact that I use the Wifi/UMA access alters the impact profile of the outages. I’ve read many people expressing their frustration about losing access to email and messaging, but I’ve simply not experienced this to the same degree.

I stand by my decision not to change carriers just to get access to an interesting Android-powered phone. With the Google Nexus One reportedly coming early in the new year I may consider another phone as well. As mentioned previously, my account is a family plan, which means that I can get discounted access to two phones if there’s sufficiently interesting hardware available.

I’ll close by saying that after a month of using the Blackberry 9700 I’m still pretty happy with the device.

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