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One Month Emboldened By The Blackberry 9700

Not that this first month has been perfect. The Blackberry 9700 has crashed on me three times. Full on, BSOD crash and reboot. And by the way, rebooting the phone takes about 6-7 minutes.

I’ve been thinking about those times that the phone crashed. I think that I see a pattern emerging. It crashed when making UMA calls on a weak and unreliable wifi network where it might struggling to sustain the wifi connection, but not quite losing the wifi enough to jump to the 3G network.

In one case I know that that the crash was caused by heavy data access during a phone call. I had inadvertently invoked a program called “Camera Connect” while on a call. Camera Connect is an application that automatically uploads pictured taken by the phones camera to your PC or social media sites like Facebook, Flickr, etc. In theory this is really handy. Every time you take a picture it uploads over 3G or Wifi.

However, in migrating from my old 8100/Pearl I just moved the 2 GB micro-SD card that I had been using to the new Blackberry 9700. Therefore when I first started up Camera Connect it found a couple of hundred pictures on the media card that it felt it really needed to upload immediately. As I was on the phone at the time the application was running the background (take that iPhone!) and I was not aware of the mighty labor of upload that was underway.

So occupied, the phone became sluggish and in my attempt to understand what was happening I eventually pushed in into a full restart. I don’t consider it so much the fault of the phone as my fumbling around at the time.

Speaking of pictures, the 9700 includes a startlingly good 5 MP camera with a flash. Compared to the marginally useful camera in my old 8100 the Bold2 takes much better pictures. I believe in carrying a real camera  and not generally using a camera phone for pictures that I intend to keep. But the camera on the 9700 is much better at taking pics to document things found along the path of life, when you don’t have a real camera handy.

Here are a few samples images. You can click on each to see the full-resolution version.


The view from my seat while en route to Columbus Ohio.


Even in Houston we get fall colors, but it might happen in December! These trees were in a park as I was walking our dog. It was just about sunset.


An award winning holiday display in our neighborhood.

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