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Too Many Distractions Making Blogging Light

Yes, it’s true, I’ve been a little distracted. Recently a lot of my focus has been work related, as I’ve been on a project in Baltimore the past two weeks. During the time I’ve been staying at a Doubletree near Johns Hopkins University. It’s a quiet place with a good restaurant, including a nice wine list.

Sadly, cellular service in the area is spotty. I’ve had no T-Mobile coverage in my room. That leaves me relying upon VoIP over the hotel Wifi or my Sprint Mifi. Happily, those have been decent options.

My wife does appreciate me calling home using a soft phone to her PC. We use Eyebeam or Skype depending upon bandwidth availability. Her PC has one of the little Chat 50 speakerphones which makes for nice wideband calls. We’ll sometimes sit on a call for a couple of hours even if we’re not actively in conversation. It’s a lot more like having me at home.

For the coming week most of my focus will be on preparing for my Astricon presentation. That at least will yield some interesting blog material after the show. I expect that I’ll have more material than my 20 minute time slot at Astricon allows me to use. This will be my first effort leveraging G.722.1C, aka Siren 14. This is Polycom’s “super-wideband” codec capable of delivering a 14 KHz audio channel.

Then there are a backlog of devices to review. It’ll be an interesting month. There’s a lot to be done.

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