En Route To Astricon 2011

astricon-reg-logo After much consideration I’ve found that I am able to attend Astricon 20011. I’m already committed to a series of meeting in Burbank, CA Monday-Wednesday, so I’ll be making a stop Boulder on the way home.

I plan on arriving late Wednesday evening and spending Thursday at Astricon before heading home Friday morning. Even one day will present a nice opportunity to meet up with folks that are normally only disembodied voices from a box on my desk.

If we manage to arrange a special VUC session for Thursday I’ll have the new Polycom Soundstation Duo conference phone along to help make the recording possible.

While I doubt that I’ll be hard to find, if you’re planning on attending and would like to meet-up drop me a note.

Review: ClearOne Chat 160 USB Conference Phone

In my travels there have been times when I’ve engaged in some very long phone calls. It may be that I’m speaking to my wife while killing time in some far off hotel, or perhaps consulting with an associate on a tech support matter. In such circumstances I’ve come to believe that a USB attached speakerphone and a soft phone can be a very convenient combination.

USB attached audio devices are handy when you have a computer readily available. Being USB attached they save you the trouble of finding a way to provide network connectivity for a traditional IP conference phone.

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New Gear: ClearOne Chat 160

At lasts years visit to Astricon it became clear that  it would be good to “tool up” for having conference calls at remote locations. As I described previously, the ClearOne Chat 50 USB speakerphone that I had brought along was not really adequate to the task of a conference call with a number of people scattered around a hotel room.

I can’t fault the device as it, like most USB attached speakerphones, are intended as personal audio devices, to be used by an individual at a desk. It’s microphone pickup pattern describes a 120 degree arc across the front of the device. That means that fully two thirds of the room are off-mic and won’t be heard very well.

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Doug Mohney Presents On HDVoice AT DEFCON 18

Doug Mohney is spending this week in Las Vegas at DEFCON 18. I understand that today he was to give a presentation entitled “HDVoice –  The Overdue Revolution.”

I surely do wish that I was able to attend DEFCON and see Doug’s session, but my vacation plans were firm before I knew about what he was doing. I’m told that the DEFCON sessions were recorded and will eventually be made available for download.

Doug’s presentation includes a couple of the wideband audio examples with accompanying video clips of the energy vs frequency display from Cool Edit Pro. These are two examples from my Astricon 2009 presentation on HDVoice. The material for that presentation eventually made it online in several parts.

I’m happy to help people spread the gospel of HDVoice. I look forward to hearing Doug’s presentation when I’m back in action next week.

Review: Plantronics Savi Go Bluetooth Headset

LeatherBox-200 copyThere’s a little leather-covered box that sits at the back of my desk. It’s the recipient of small items of technology that for some reason I can’t really use but also can’t stand to just throw away. It held until recently an impressive selection of Bluetooth cordless headsets.

Seriously, I bet I’ve purchased eight of those little beasts over the years, ever hopeful that each would be the one that was actually usable…possibly even a pleasure to use…but I was always disappointed. This cycle has gone on for long enough that I’d pretty much written off Bluetooth devices as a pointless waste of time.

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