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Provisioning Polycom Phones

polycom_ip650_256As someone who administers a small fleet of Polycom phones scattered around the US and UK I’m all too familiar with the intricacies of their central provisioning methodology.  It’s not especially difficult, but it can be difficult to justify setting up a provisioning server for just a few phones, as you typically find in a home office.

Many of the VUC regulars have experience in this area so the details of provisioning have been the topic of VUC discussions a couple of times. 

Michael Stanford of WiRevolution recently posted a nice series he calls The HD Voice Cookbook. It’s essentially a guide to provisioning Polycom phones, in has case a Soundpoint IP650 he installed in his own quest for wideband capability in his home office. It’s a good reference for anyone facing this task for ths first time.

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  1. Have you seen a good “cookbook” for detailed explanation on key features?

    My frustration with SIP phone configuration is configuring buttons for popular traditional PBX features – like BLF, acd queue status indicators, ACD login/Logout, multiple voice mail indicator lights. speed dials, etc.

    I’m told SIP phones can do all this stuff, but I have never seen it.

    1. The trouble with what you seek is that it’s really all about PBX-x and the SIP phone. In cases where that’s Asterisk I’d look to the VoIP-Info wiki, mailing lists, or irc channel.


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