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VUC Call April 3rd: Michael Robertson’s OpenSky

opensky_logoWhen I heard that Randulo had arranged to have Gizmo5‘s Michael Robertson as last weeks VUC guest I just knew that I had to find a way to free up an hour and be on that call. Were you there? If not you should listen to the podcast.

Rather than offer a bunch of commentary about bridging the SIP and Skype realms, which I will save for later, I’ll just say one thing for the moment. Paying $20/year for OpenSky seems to make more sense than paying for a membership in FWD, which I did last summer.

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  1. The $20 makes sense for now as I’ve been checking this out and it has been working fine. If like so many other things in life, the quality got bad because of over taxing their network connectivity, it would be – like FWD 🙂

  2. I agree. I was impressed with Gizmo services.

    Gizmo is a great solution to solve the outbound Google Voice calling issue too. Google Voice is geared primarily as an inbound solution – and outbound calling is a bit clumsy. I already use Gizmo for GV incoming (totally free!) and by purchasing outbound minutes and setting my caller id to my GV number – I have a simple (not free) outbound solution. This would work with any SIP phone or SIP phone system.

    Regarding Opensky Specifically:
    I forgot my cell on my last trip – and my wife doesn’t have a headset on her computer. I went into gizmo opensky and set my GV number to forward to my skype. Then I skype IM’d her to call my GV number and I took the call on my laptop. Pretty slick stuff.

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