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M is for March-In-Meatspace

Projects-in-the-worksYou may have notice that March was a very quiet (crickets) month hereabouts. It was the slowest month in the seven year history of this blog. As such, I can’t help but feel that I owe an explanation for these events. March was spent focused on events in meatspace.

I suppose the term “meatspace” is by now archaic. The term “cyber”space has certainly been devalued, most especially since part of it was coopted by CBS into their newest CSI franchise. Whatever the case with the linguistics, I spent most of March engaged in things that involved getting away from my desk and dealing with real people in the physical world.

When I left Pixel Power in the spring of 2013 part of my plan was to become more engaged in the local community. For many years my work life involved so much travel that I had been unable to commit to such activities. Since then quite the opposite is true. I need such engagements to keep me from going stir crazy in the home office.

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Adding A Human Dimension To Telepresence

So often our exposure to the utility of telepresence/video conferencing is by way of things like 24 or NCIS. These examples highlight big governmental or corporate situations with people are banging their fists on board tables and glaring at the other parties. This is so stereotypical and under serves the real application of such technology to bring people together. To help us communicate better.

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