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WengoPhone Is Now QuteCOM & G.722 capable!

Talk about perfect timing! Cory Andrews over at VoIP Supply just post a great list of 20 open source soft phones. Nice work Cory!

From this list I found that the French soft phone formerly called OpenWengo has mutated into QuteCom. Best of all, it’s G.722 capable. That makes it a viable candidate for use on this Friday’s VUC call on wideband VoIP.

I quickly downloaded the software and installed it on my laptop. In just a few minutes I had it logged into FWD and tried the ZipDX web demo line at

It worked! The bridge answered and reported that I was connected in wideband mode.

The call was choppy but that may have been because I was on my laptop and using a Wifi connection.

I’ll experiment with it a little more and see how it compares to the G.722 capable version of Eyebeam.

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  1. This one still needs a little work. In my most recent tests, it was using the wrong timestamp value on the RTP packets it was sending. (This is the age-old problem of the official “sample rate” for G.722 being 8000 per the IETF specs, even though the audio is actually sampled at 16K samples/sec.) I’ve also had some challenges with the configuring the SIP registration parameters. But I have some confidence that it will eventually get there! We’ve also had some success (with similar issues, as well) with QuteCOM’s sibling, VeroniX.

  2. Just in conversation the name WengoPhone seems to bring forth more cringing that positive reaction. However, maybe the underlying codec library, which is open source, is the real asset here. Perhaps their G.722 implementation can be enhanced?

  3. Ok, I’ll fess up and say I don’t know how to get QuteCom to register with FWD. I do have a FWD account but I can’t manage to get it to register.


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