39 Free Soft Phones

Two-Soft-phones-200 copyMatt Riddell of VentureVoIP is always informative and a great read. This morning I see that he has posted an article listing 39 Free Soft Phones. What a great resource! He goes so far as to only list those that don’t require some sort of registration to download. Best of all he clearly indicates platform support for each program.

My two favorites, Counterpath’s X-Lite and PhonerLite, made the list. PhonerLite is notable for being one of the few with support for the G.722 wideband codec. (Am I not some sort of one-note instrument?)

GIPS Comments On My Soft Phone Rant

Global IP Solutions, the people behind the codec package that helped bring Skype to prominence, has recently launched a blog. Amongst their first entries they decided to weigh in with a response to my recent rant about soft phones.

I appreciate their perspective about G.722. It’s old, and there are a number of codecs better suited to IP networks. I have used both Skype and Gizmo5 for some time and appreciate that they can provide outstanding call quality between like end-points.

However, in my daily activities I still need hardware phones. And so when considering a soft phone I need interoperability with my hardware phones. At the moment that means G.722 if I want to enjoy the benefits of wideband audio.

Perhaps one day we might enjoy using iSac to make calls to & from a fabulous hard phone. But not today.

WengoPhone Is Now QuteCOM & G.722 capable!

Talk about perfect timing! Cory Andrews over at VoIP Supply just post a great list of 20 open source soft phones. Nice work Cory!

From this list I found that the French soft phone formerly called OpenWengo has mutated into QuteCom. Best of all, it’s G.722 capable. That makes it a viable candidate for use on this Friday’s VUC call on wideband VoIP.

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