Soft Phones: An Opportunity For Someone

<RANT> Let’s face it, the soft phone segment of VoIP space is stagnant. There’s been little change in literally years. I’ve spent the past six months looking for a Windows soft phone that was G.722 capable. In the course of my search I’ve tried a number of soft phones. The list is getting lengthy:

Corey Andrews over at VoIP Supply also blogged a great summary of Free SIP Soft Phones a while back.. There are a couple on this list that look promising. I’m about to try both MizuPhone and Mirial.

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WengoPhone Is Now QuteCOM & G.722 capable!

Talk about perfect timing! Cory Andrews over at VoIP Supply just post a great list of 20 open source soft phones. Nice work Cory!

From this list I found that the French soft phone formerly called OpenWengo has mutated into QuteCom. Best of all, it’s G.722 capable. That makes it a viable candidate for use on this Friday’s VUC call on wideband VoIP.

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