Answering Zeeek’s Tweet

Last Thursday Zeeek (aka Randulo) twittered:

Please rate in order of importance to you: love, health, money, job, world peace, gas prices, inflation, 2008 US election, iphone, twitter

It’s a good question, especially when posed to an international group. I respond as follows:

  1. Love
  2. Health
  3. world peace
  4. money
  5. job
  6. inflation
  7. gas prices
  8. 2008 US election
  9. Twitter
  10. iPhone

One thought on “Answering Zeeek’s Tweet”

  1. 1) I forgot asterisk and open source
    2) Doesn’t 8 change 6 and 7 ? If not, it is a measure of hopelessness 😉
    3) iPhone, in a list of 10, I’d say 100. Except that as the population who cares about it grows, we’ll need to push out applications for them.

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