A Big Round Of Thanks!

…and the award for most tireless, knowledgeable and patient technical support goes to….

Over the past month or so the effort to find and move to new hosting was considerable. It was certainly much more involved than I had anticipated. I did not make it through the process on my own.

During the course of my search for hosting and the various migrations between hosts I’ve relied upon the invaluable advice and assistance of a few friends. In particular, I’d like to express my gratitude to Fred Posner of Team Forrest and Randy Resnick of Resmo / VUC.

Not only do these two guys truly know their stuff, but they’re patient with the quirks of foolish newbies like me. Imagine how great that must be if you’re one of their clients!

Randy On The Typical Mac User Podcast

Earlier this week VUC founder Randy Resnick (@voipusers) made a guest appearance on The Typical Mac User Podcast to discuss all things VoIP-ish on OSX. This is kind of funny because, in my experience, Randy is probably anything but a typical Mac User.

It’s also worth noting that Apple has done an exemplary job of handling audio for VoIP on their line of laptops. Normally I’d recommend using a headset over the built-in hardware, but Mac’s, and particularly Skype on a Mac laptops, do an unusually good job of echo cancellation.

It’s nice to see a friend and co-conspirator getting around and being recognized for not only his expertise, but his ability to convey things with both depth and clarity.

Video How-To: Calling the VUC Using PhonerLite on Windows

thomasat1 post a nice YouTube screencast how-to on using PhonerLite for Windows to call the VoIP Users Conference. This video clip highlights a couple of interesting things.

First, PhonerLite is a nice, reliable, freeware soft phone that’s wideband (G.722) capable. If you stop and consider that about 15 months ago I could not find any working G.722 capable soft phones, the availability of such software is quite a leap forward.

Further, thomasat1 doesn’t even bother setting up the soft phone with any SIP credentials. None are required since the ZipDX bridge will accept incoming calls directly.

Nice work, thomasat1. Thanks for Zeeek for pointing it out.

Randy’s Guest Post At HDVoice News

Randy Resnick (a.k.a. Zeeek, or more recently Dulo Par) the founder of the VoIP Users Conference, has a guest post over at HDVoice News called, “An “ear opener” to HD voice in conferencing.” Randy details the advantages of wideband voice for large public conference calls. He should know, having produced thousands of hours of podcast based upon such calls over the past few years.

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Answering Zeeek’s Tweet

Last Thursday Zeeek (aka Randulo) twittered:

Please rate in order of importance to you: love, health, money, job, world peace, gas prices, inflation, 2008 US election, iphone, twitter

It’s a good question, especially when posed to an international group. I respond as follows:

  1. Love
  2. Health
  3. world peace
  4. money
  5. job
  6. inflation
  7. gas prices
  8. 2008 US election
  9. Twitter
  10. iPhone