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Dave Michels: Whole House Audio Via The Squeezebox Duet

squeezebox-touchWe do love our Squeezeboxen. In fact, we love ’em enough that we have four of the little beasties scattered around here. They are at the core of our strategy for “whole house audio.”

The strategy is simple, nothing fancy or even built-in. In each room where we like to listen to music or internet radio we have a Squeezebox3 and a pair of self-powered monitor speakers. When we entertain a crowd, we sync up the whole shebang so that we have music throughout the property but independent control of volume in each room.

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How To: DIY Music Server Using FreeNAS, SlimNAS and an H-P T5700

Originally published July 21, 2008 at

By: Michael Graves

Date: July 21, 2008

From my first exposure to Slim Device’s original SliMP3 back in 2003 I was taken with the idea of streaming music throughout my house. The designers approach to this task I found very interesting. They literally give away an open source media streaming software intended for use on a file server. Then run their business by selling a dedicated hardware device to interface the music stream to a traditional stereo system.

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SlimNAS Is In Service

My rebuilt SlimNAS device is now operational. The little 2.5" HD is installed inside the T5700 case. I used the expansion chassis just to ensure that there's enough air flow now that there is a IDE ribbon cable blocking airflow…

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