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Skype vs Gizmo5: On Open Networks

Over the past week Skype has been making some waves, starting with a speech at ITXPO where they declared “VOIP is Dead.” Then Michael Robertson of Gizmo5 fired back in response to their petition to the FCC arguing for more open wireless networks (aka cellular.) What folly, a closed network operator (Skype) preaching open networks to other closed network operators (cellular carriers.)

Dan York has collected up the actions & reactions, as well as the Calliflower conference call on the matter from last Friday. Michael Robertson was on that call. It’s definitely worth a listen.

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ZipDX: A Wideband Conference Service

A couple of weeks ago I penned a post about my search for a wideband capable soft phone. A short while later I was contacted by David Frankel of ZipDX. His company offers a standards compatible wideband conference service. It seems that he’s been down the path of wideband telephony a fair distance.

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NAB Keeping Me Busy & VOIP On The Show Floor

Next week is the annual convention of the National Association of Broadcasters. So this week marks my annual trek to Las Vegas to help with the setup of our exhibit. It’s a huge amount of work. My focus on various preparations has kept me from blogging the past week.

VOIP angle 1: Asterisk on the trade show floor

We pay a company called Smart City for internet connectivity on the trade show floor. They drop us a shared ethernet link. The speed is carefully controlled. Our link is typically around 768k x 256k and costs around $1400 for the week. It’s reliable, but very expensive.

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