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TMC on SIP to Skype Gateway

Ya gotta hand it to Tom Keating over at TMC, he gets into some interesting stuff. Dan York too for that matter. Today Tom has a post with respect to the Future of SIP To Skype Gateway In Doubt. It’s an analysis in response to a guest blog over at Skype Journal that calls into question the possibility of SIP -to-Skype integration. It follows Dan York’s earlier call for same.

Tom is absolutely correct in his retort. I heartily agree. It seems to me that what we have here is a difference of opinion about what Skype is and what it could become. Oddly enough, it’s the Skype insiders who appear to have the more limited vision. Perhaps that’s why Skype is so adrift, and rumored to be for sale.

One thing is certain, while there is a Skype ecosystem with some interesting devices and services, the SIP ecology is vast by comparison. The SIP universe is truly huge. More hardware. More software. More companies. More users. More dollars/pounds/euros.

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