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Ad Hoc Wideband Telephony Interoperability Testing

Having invested some time in cleaning up my office earlier this week I was forced to commit some effort to the research behind a new review that I’ve been tasked with writing. In so doing I was experimenting with call setup between various different devices, including a Polycom IP550 and a Siemens S685IP.

All was progressing as expected when a little something caught my attention. The Polycom phone was reporting that it was connected using its HD Voice capability. That was not expected.

I had completely forgotten that I had, some months ago, set the Siemens phone to prefer wideband codecs when possible, which includes G.722.

Here what I saw on the Polycom phone.

Polycom IP550 Showing HD Call Ongoing

Wideband voice (HDVoice in Polycom parlance) is probably old news in a lot of circles. But down here in the SOHO/SMB sector it’s still very rare. And very surprising when it works without much grief.

Anything more I have to save for the formal review. This afternoons experience was simply surprising.

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