Recommended Reading: 3D Sound Overview

3D Audio Overview PDFA long time ago, when I was still in school in Toronto, I became fascinated with an obscure form of surround sound recording known as Ambisonics. In researching a paper for school I became smitten by the approach conceived by English mathematician Michael Gerzon. It’s a truly elegant system, something beyond the commercially successful surround sound approaches that we all know.

I was especially impressed with the Cowboys Junkies 1988 album, The Trinity Session. It was recorded in a old church on King Street in Toronto, in a single day. The band played in this place with incredible acoustics, ringed around a single Calrec Soundfield microphone. The Soundfield microphone is the surround microphone design based upon the theory originally published by Michael Gerzon at Oxford University.

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HDVoice Making Progress In The UK

It appears that HDVoice is making considerable strides in the UK. Orange recently launched HDVoice calling for their mobile users, offering a selection of three HD-capable (AMR-WB) handsets from Nokia. The HDVoice section of their web site highlights the difference in call quality nicely.

Further, their new service caught the attention of the BBC, who offers yet another nice online example of HD vs PSTN call quality.

Step ahead just one week and we find that XConnect has announced their HD Voice Exchange peering effort is now available globally. In addition, they have joined in partnership with Polycom, Broadsoft and Dialogic in a new effort to promote the increased adoption of HDVoice by UK-based ITSPs.

Doug Mohney has a nice summary of the situation over at HDVoiceNews. Dean Elwood has a UK perspective to offer as well.