Nerd Uno Dishes Out Advice on SIP Security

Ward Mundy over at Nerd Vittles has a great post today about SIP security. It’s entitled The Incredible PBX: Adding Remotes, Preserving Security. If you run an Asterisk based PBX you should probably read this. Now!

Ward’s advice really rings true (sorry for the telecom geek pun, it couldn’t be helped!)  His “Baker’s Dozen SIP Security Checklist” makes perfect sense. That doesn’t mean that I can’t add my own two cents.

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Nerd Vittles Guide to ISN

Aastra_9480i_bl_270x270Over at Nerd Vittles that Asterisk Guru Ward Mundy has posted a great how-to implementing ISN lookups with his popular PBX-In-A-Flash Asterisk distributions. It’s a great overview of ISN and ITADs, including

ISNs are a novel approach to bridging the gulf between the worlds of legacy phones with traditional phone numbers, and the realm of SIP URIs. It’s a way of dialing something like a normal number and having it automatically be resolved to a SIP URI. This is easily implemented using Asterisk, especially when Nerd Uno shows you how.

All of this is an approach to transitioning from our current state into a time when SIP URIs are more commonplace. That would imply that more of what we think of as “phone calls” would transit a pure IP network. That fact is a major enabling mechanism for such improvements as wideband audio & improved call security, amongst many other things.