VUC LifeSize Call Feb 25th Cancelled!

Breaking news! Well…hold the phone..or would that be hold the video phone? Camera? Whatever the case….

In an unexpected twist Lifesize has elected to defer their appearance on the VUC for now. They cite some difficulties with getting VUC people confirmed as able to connect to the service using the soft client, and the fact that some key staff are not available to assist with setup this week as reasons for the decision.

To those of you who received web cams…Happy Birthday! Or Happy VUC-day, or some-such-thing.

As a peace offering Lifesize is providing a further goody as a giveaway for this Friday’s VUC call. One lucky attendee will win their choice of either a Logitech Harmony One universal remote or a Logitech Squeezebox Touch wireless music player.

I personally own five (!) Squeezebox 3’s…and I can tell you that the Squeezebox Touch is SWEET!

As circumstances and product offerings evolve there may eventually be another opportunity to engage with Lifesize. That could have some potentially interesting implications…but it’s too early to know anything specific about that potential.

VUC Goes LifeSize Feb 25th At 1PM EST

The VUC call featuring LifeSize, originally set for February 4th, has been rescheduled to February 25th at 1PM EST. That makes it part two of a VUC double-header that begins with Safi Systems at the usual time.

All of the details of the LifeSize call remain as originally laid out. Those who received the Logitech C910 HD webcams can use the LifeSize Desktop software to connect to the LifeSize Bridge.

The video bridge will also be live-streamed via a web feed using the LifeSize Video Center. The video bridge will be connect to the ZipDX bridge for those who participate in audio only.

LifeSize will also be offering another chance for those who received the webcams to test connectivity to their bridge before Friday’s call.

The LifeSize Desktop trial installation only runs for 30 days which is one of the reasons that we’ve decided upon the Feb 25th date. An email poll of those who received the webcams did not reveal anyone who expected to have a problem with the software reaching that 30 day limit as of Feb 25th.

However, not everyone responded to the email poll. If you find that you will not be able to use the LifeSize Desktop software on the 25th please contact me asap so that we can try to find a solution.

Oh, yes. Remember that LifeSize will be giving away a Logitech Harmony One programmable universal remote control to one lucky VUC attendee.

VUC Call With LifeSize Postponed

The stormy winter weather in the US has delayed the delivery of the webcams. Thus few people have been able to make test calls to confirm connectivity to the LifeSize bridge. As a result we have decided to postpone the call for a week or two.  A new date will be announced shortly.

VUC Feb 4 With LifeSize: Have You Registered?

Today is the final day for registration for next weeks VUC call with LifeSize. You have until 5pm CST this afternoon (Jan 28th) to visit /voip-register and get your details entered to win one of the Logitech C910 HD webcams.

We need as many VUC people as possible to register so that LifeSize has a sense of our level of interest. Eight of those who register will win the webcams, which are to be distributed prior to the call.

On Feb 4th, after we’ve explored the LifeSize product range in glorious HD video we’ll be giving away the Logitech Harmony One universal remote control. Everyone on the call and in the irc channel will be eligible.

More details about joining the call can be found at the usual place.

The VoIP Users Conference Featuring LifeSize

Following our first video conference call with Blink Mind last August we’re at long last scheduled to do next call in the series. The VUC call on February 4, 2011 will feature LifeSize, the Austin TX based manufacturer of HD video conference systems. LifeSize is a division of Logitech.

Our guest will be Michael Helmbrecht, Vice President of Product Marketing. His responsibilities include product marketing, product life cycle management, public relations and analyst relations. Prior to LifeSize he spent nine years with Dell, Inc. where he was Director of Marketing. Michael held a number of key marketing roles at Dell, most recently leading product line management for data storage and networking in the Americas.

Unlike the earlier video call in August, the Feb 4 call will happen in 720p-based high-definition. A total of sixteen fortunate souls will have seats on the LifeSize video conference bridge.

The output of that bridge will also be streamed via a web feed, and recorded for later download as a video podcast. Audio from the LifeSize conference bridge will be joined to the ZipDX bridge so that people participating audio-only can join the call by their usual means.

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Considering LifeSize Desktop Software

LifeSize-logoAustin-based LifeSize recently released a software-based PC video conferencing client that they call the LifeSize Desktop. Since I’m always looking for new tools I took the opportunity to download the 30 day free trial and have it installed on a desktop and laptop, both running Windows XP.

The software is intended to be a SIP soft client for their HD video conferencing products. To that end they recommend it be used with a webcam that supports 720p images, that is 1280 x 720 pixels @ 30 frame/sec. At the time of its release the only one available was the Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000. Since then Microsoft has announced a suitable webcam. I expect that others will eventually do so as well.

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