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VUC LifeSize Call Feb 25th Cancelled!

Breaking news! Well…hold the phone..or would that be hold the video phone? Camera? Whatever the case….

In an unexpected twist Lifesize has elected to defer their appearance on the VUC for now. They cite some difficulties with getting VUC people confirmed as able to connect to the service using the soft client, and the fact that some key staff are not available to assist with setup this week as reasons for the decision.

To those of you who received web cams…Happy Birthday! Or Happy VUC-day, or some-such-thing.

As a peace offering Lifesize is providing a further goody as a giveaway for this Friday’s VUC call. One lucky attendee will win their choice of either a Logitech Harmony One universal remote or a Logitech Squeezebox Touch wireless music player.

I personally own five (!) Squeezebox 3’s…and I can tell you that the Squeezebox Touch is SWEET!

As circumstances and product offerings evolve there may eventually be another opportunity to engage with Lifesize. That could have some potentially interesting implications…but it’s too early to know anything specific about that potential.

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