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HDVoice Capable Sennheiser DECT Headset

Sennheiser is a name that I’ve known my entire career. They are a well respected name in pro audio circles, specialists in high-quality microphones and headsets. They are not as well known for headsets targeting computer and telephony applications, but it happens that they do have some offerings in that area.

In fact, this past week they were named in a press release from Telstra in Australia. In this release Telstra announced the launch of the Polycom VVX-1500 video phone, a device that I’ve written about previously. However, along side the VVX-1500 they were also launching the Sennheiser DV Office, a DECT wireless headset.

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The Aastra 6739i & Bluetooth Headsets

Aastra 6739i Desk PhoneIt certainly seems that the Aastra 6739i is the new king-of-the-hill with respect to feature-laden enterprise class SIP desk phones. Amongst it’s myriad features you will find included the ability to use a Bluetooth headset .

For the past nine months I’ve used the Savi Go Bluetooth headset around the office. In that case I’m using the headset with a soft phone since the Savi Go is provided with a class 1 Bluetooth USB dongle. The Savi Go is kinda unique because it supports wideband audio over Bluetooth.

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USB Audio Interfaces: Mac vs PC Applications

If you’ve been reading here for a bit you’ll know that I like my Plantronics .Audio 615m headset. I heartily recommend the Plantronics .Audio lineup for people who need a headset for use with a soft phone.

Since back when this review was published I’ve heard a couple of times that people have had issues with the Plantronics .Audio line not working correctly on Mac systems. Most recently this comment was posted to the review:

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Pondering The Plantronics Savi Go…Further, Please.

Over the past few months I’ve unconsciously made a curious transition. You see, last summer all of my requirements for mobility around the office were met by the Gigaset S675IP that I have installed. When I had to work near a server at my workbench I just grabbed the S67H handset and went over there. Often I used the Gigaset handset with a wired headset for calls lasting a long time.

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Holiday Headset Deal

I do a lot of my holiday shopping online. I have done for many years. Today I found a deal that I can't use but I think I should share. is offering the Logitech Clear Chat Pro USB headset…

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