CSPAN Interview On The New National Broadband Plan

The FCC’s Blair Levin, Executive Director of the National Broadband Initiative, discusses reactions from legislators, the telecommunications industry and public interest groups to the plan.

This will ultimately effect us all, so it’s good to stay informed as the matter progresses.

The Inventor Of The Cell Phone Interviewed On C-SPAN

This is a little off topic, but just so very interesting that I had to post it. Reading this mornings news I discovered that C-SPAN interviewed Marty Cooper, the inventor of the cell phone. You can see the entire 30 minute interview online. There’s a lot to learn from the piece, even about our current regulatory regime.

Thanks to Rob Jackson at Phandroid for pointing this out.

Walt Mossberg Says “We suck at broadband!”

You really need to see this. It’s Walt giving a presentation outlining trends in TV viewing on PCs vs home theater and the sorry state of the broadband reality in North America. I don’t always agree with Walt, but he has this completely nailed. He very lucid and well spoken on the matter. He also highlights AppleTV & Tivo as well as the pending (60 days) availability of a 3G iPhone.

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