OT: It’s Getting Scary Around Here For Halloween

One day soon I’ll break this blog out into two sites so that I can keep VoIP and personal stuff separate. My apologies for the off-topic nature of this post.

We spent part of Sunday hunting for pumpkins for our annual Halloween presentation. Every year we get one really big one and a number of smaller ones. Here’s last years biggie.

Part of my desire for home automation, dovetailed into the phones, is that I’d like to integrate the lighting controller that I have as well as doors & music playback. I’d like to have have web and DTMF-based control of things.

Update: Wanna see some more pics? Here’s a link to photos from last years’ fun & games.

A Very Strange Week Indeed: Houston After Ike

Well it has certainly been an unusual week around here. To start with migrating my domain to a new host took longer than I thought. The whole process took about a week. The thing is that it finally happened the very day that Hurricane Ike was to hit the Houston area. So…..I was a little busy…y’dig?

We had the house and office all boarded up and executed what the local authorities call “Shelter In Place.” That protocol, known as “SIP”  to some outside the VoIP community was the recommended practice given our location.

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