Deal Alert: E4 End of Year Promo on Polycom VVX Series

Just in case you don’t get exactly what you were hoping for under the tree, E4 Technologies is doing a year-end promo on the outstanding Polycom VVX Series desk phones.

My early experience with the VVX-1500 dates back to early 2009. Since then I’ve had the VVX-500 and VVX-600 around my office. The promo prices for these video-capable phones are $214 and $269 respectively.

The VVX-600 (pictured right) is without a doubt the finest SIP desk phone that I’ve ever used. The 4.3” touchscreen makes it easy to use, as well as supporting the use of video when mated with the optional VVX camera.

The VVX range has be extended to include a number of lower-cost models, reaching all the way down to $124 for the VVX-310. While specific features vary by model, every last VVX is capable of HDVoice.

*Disclosure – I have  no connection with E4 Technologies beyond being a satisfied customer.

Psst. Hey, Buddy! Wanna Buy A Great Phone?

Polycom-VVX600-300pxMonday afternoon an email arrived announcing E4 Technology’s new promotion of the Polycom VVX Series desk phones. As I am a huge fan of the VVX Series I thought this worth sharing.

You may recall that I long ago reviewed the VVX-1500. It remains the single best sounding desk phone that I have ever used!

However, I recently replaced the VVX-1500 that had occupied the corner of my desk with a VVX-600 model. The VVX-600 is much smaller and sounds almost as good as it’s larger kin. It’s Bluetooth capable, which is certainly handy. With the optional camera module installed the touchscreen VVX-600 is capable of HD video (720p).

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HDVoice Deal Alert: Gigaset DE380IP-R Desk Phone

Some time ago the folks at Gigaset showed me their DE380-IP-R desk phone. It was about the time that they were just starting to ship their SIP/DECT products to the US. When they sent me some sample gear for evaluation a lone sample of this little desk phone came along for the ride.

I tried the DE380-IP-R for a short while but never really put it into service. I used it just long enough to confirm that it was truly wideband capable, supporting G.722.

The simple truth is that I found the phone to be just a little too quirky for my tastes. There are things about it that seem too Euro-centric in their design or implementation. Further, with a retail price of around $140 they were simply too odd when compared to the newly released Polycom Soundpoint IP335, which is also wideband capable.

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Deal Alert: Polycom Soundpoint IP335 For $118

Friend and VUC sponsor E4 Technologies yesterday announced a promotion on the HDVoice capable Polycom SoundPoint IP335 desk phone. Normally offered at $138.95 they are selling them for a mere $118 each when you checkout using the promo code VUC335. The offer is good for one week only, or as long as inventory lasts.

Want to know more about the SoundPoint IP335? I had a good long look at it earlier this year when it was launched.

PBXact: Unexpected Magic

If you were keeping an eye on the realm of open source PBX offerings you might be lulled into thinking that there is Digium with Asterisk and Switchvox, then everyone else. Where “everyone else” was basically hobbyists and Freeswitch fanatics. Well, that’s easy to understand, but you’d be wrong. I know that I was.

TMC recently posted an interview with Tony Lewis of Schmooze Communications. I know, I know…how do you take a company with a name like that seriously? It’s just one step above Goober Networks..oh,wait…they’re a real player, too! Well, what’s in a name?

Until today Schmooze Communications didn’t mean anything to me. However, I was enlightened by Michael White from E4 Technologies who is distributing  Schmooze Communications‘ product….PBXact.

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VoIP Users Conference Holiday Contest

E4 Technologies has created a holiday contest for the VoIP Users Conference. The prize is one of the new Polycom SoundPoint IP335 HDVoice capable desk phones. To enter the contest you must leave a comment on the E4 Blog answering the question, “All I want for Christmas is…” On December 25th one winner will be randomly selected from all respondents.