New Jabra Headsets

Thanks to Engadget for pointing out Jabra’s latest product offerings for the uppity office dweller. OMG, these look nice! Most especially the DECT version pictured here.


As they so rightly point out, these are fairly over-the-top kinds of devices for most people. But remember that nothing succeeds like excess!

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New Series: Gigaset SIP/DECT Systems Overview

siemens-a580ip-240For several years, certainly as long as I have been writing this blog, I have been hunting for a better cordless IP telephony solution for my home office. Cordless mobility is increasingly a critical feature for home office and small business users. While we have a satisfactory solution in place at the moment, there’s certainly room for improvement.

Siemens, a multi-national company headquartered in Germany, has a new subsidiary called Gigaset US specifically to market some of their range of consumer electronics in North America. This new company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

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RTX Releases DECT/CATiq 2.0 USB Dongle

The CATiq blog as a press release from RTX Telecom about the release of a new DECT/CATiq 2.0 USB dongle. The release states that the device is basically a DECT/CATiq base station with a USB interface. That makes it an easy way to add cordless telephony capability to devices that might not otherwise have such capabilities.

This also makes it an excellent tool for testing DECT/CATiq systems. Such a tool was used by the DeDected group that reported on the state of DECT encryption at the CCC event in December 2008. The hardware that they used in their experiments was not widely available outside of Europe, and has since been discountinued.