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New Jabra Headsets

Thanks to Engadget for pointing out Jabra’s latest product offerings for the uppity office dweller. OMG, these look nice! Most especially the DECT version pictured here.


As they so rightly point out, these are fairly over-the-top kinds of devices for most people. But remember that nothing succeeds like excess!

The real question in my mind is about the DECT-ness of the Pro 9400. Is it CATiq compliant? If so then it’d be the first possibly wideband capable wireless headset in the known universe. If not, well then….why bother?

GN9350_Banner_341Truth be told, I had a Jabra GN9350 for a short spell. Their then top-of-the-line product, I bought it for a song on E-Bay and used it a few weeks before reselling it. I was attracted to the fact that it was DECT based and handled both my Polycom desk phone and soft phone on my PC.

Those the specific details elude me, the reality of its use was far less than than I had expected. Admittedly, I’ve spoken to a number of people who use the same device and truly love it.

I shall have to save my change each night for the time when the Jabra Pro 9400 becomes available. It won’t be cheap, but might be worth giving a try.

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