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Beware Bad Links For Now

Some links on this site are going to be broken for a short while. Earlier this week, after the Hurricane Ike cleanup, I managed to get the site moved from free hosting to a BlueHost. This will eventually let…

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About Social Media

Since I'm over 40 and a newby to the whole social media scene I find myself playing catchup a lot. This sequence is really profound. Very helpful to explain things. Beware, strong language ahead. What The F**K is Social Media?View…

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A Readership Milestone: Over 3500 in May

I started writing this blog just over six months ago. It was largely a reaction to the fact that I saw a lot of people in various places asking the same questions over and over again. How do I make the best of VOIP in my home or home office? What is QoS? How do I ensure call quality?

I’ve been involved with VOIP in one fashion or another since 1997. Back then I lived in Toronto and was engaged to my lovely wife, who lived in Texas. Back then dial-up was the primary means of internet access and long distance calling was costly. We used software from Vocaltech to stay in touch over 1800 miles apart.

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T-Mobile & Sprint/Nextel May Wed?

The blogging great Om Malik has a rumor about Deutsche Telecom considering buying Sprint/Nextel to combine with it's US T-Mobile operation. Om and his readers point out some very valid technical concerns about merging the two companies. Combined they support…

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