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Young Blog Looking For A New Home

HP_serverOver the past year I’ve become acutely aware of the problems possible with blog hosts. Even the good ones have trouble periodically. I’m not seriously unhappy with my current hosting company, but I am wondering what’s better. I’m inclined to think that a bone fide dedicated server shared by a handful of users would be better than my current arrangement.

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Can You Hear Me Now? VoIP Bloggers Decide: VoIP Undead!

The past few  weeks the blogosphere has been alight with the conjecture that “VoIP is dead.” A great many have weighed in with opinion on the matter, including; Alec Saunders, Andy Abramson, Dan York*, Ken Camp, Jon Arnold, Irwin Lazar, Om Malik, Tom Keating, amongst others. And a little unexpectedly, Jeff Pulver joined in on the conversation.

All of this seems to have culminated in a Calliflower conference call the evening of Monday January 5th. Those in attendance (39 people!) were essentially the most respected folks in the VoIP blogosphere. The debate was interesting but nothing I care to comment on here. The call is available as a podcast.  It’s a good listen.

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Blog & Blog Some More

Over the past couple of weeks I've split my blogging in two. Respecting the fact that many readers have a singular focus SOHO VoIP and networking topics remain here as usual. However, more varied topics and curiosities are on a…

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Celebrating One Year Of Blogging

Funny how things just sort of happen. In looking back through some emails I just discovered that it was one year ago today that I started writing this blog. At least that’s when I setup my account at The first real post came perhaps a few days later.

This blog was back then an effort to set down in one place the answers to questions that I was fielding in a variety of public forums online. It was in essence born out of frustration that the same set of questions kept returning, each time meeting with answers from a different group of respondents, and with some variability in the nature of the answers. So I wanted to simply document what I have done. My own experience working from a home office full time over the past 10+ years.

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Bye Bye Skype Status Display!

For about a week I had a Skype status display in the sidebar on this blog. The site runs Wordpress and I never have felt that the use of sidebar Widgets caused a problem...until this Skype thingy. Adding that widget…

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