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An Unexepected Benefit Of My SIP-to-Cellular Gateway

blackberry-bold-9700-2It’s been a while since I installed the little Portech MV-370 GSM gateway. It sits in the office IT stack and does what it does. When I’m traveling it lets me call home using my unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes. It also backs up our IP-based home & office phones. If both the Comcast Cable modem and Covad DSL are out the we can route calls out via T-Mobile.

The Gigaset cordless phones support enough accounts that this is easy, just add #6 to the number to specify dial using the GSM trunk. The GSM gateway is the 6th account on the Gigasets. We don’t even need a local Asterisk system to make it possible.

Remembering back to the installation of the GSM gateway, I converted my T-Mobile account from an individual plan to a family plan, with the gateway device becoming the second line on the account. I dropped my number of minutes but the monthly carrying cost was the same. It seems like a good idea since the use of mobile-to-mobile minutes to call home was going to reduce my need for minutes in the end.

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Nokia N97 or Blackberry Bold?

I was seriously thinking about trading up my almost 2 year old Blackberry 8100 for a Bold, but today's announcement of the N97 from Nokia has me reconsidering. This little beast is just gorgeous! I had pretty much decided that a…

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Smartphones & E-mail Addicts: My Personal Experience

I’ve carried a Blackberry 8100 (aka Pearl) for the past 18 months. I like it. Prior to this I carried a Motorola Razr V3, whose sole feature was its form factor. It was a great size & shape. Decent phone too, but not a “smart phone.”

For years I’ve watched as friends and associates jumped on the smart phone craze. Some had Treo’s, some Windows Mobile devices..heck, my wife’s employer issued her a Blackberry 7290 a year before I  broke down and bought my Pearl. I’m the early adopter in the family so that was a strange turn of the tables.

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Traveling This Coming Week

I'm en route to Cambridge this evening for a week of work at Pixel Power's UK home office. I'm likely to be posting less frequently for the next few days. The hotel I've booked has wifi. It should be interesting…

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