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Traveling This Coming Week

I’m en route to Cambridge this evening for a week of work at Pixel Power’s UK home office. I’m likely to be posting less frequently for the next few days.

The hotel I’ve booked has wifi. It should be interesting to see if my Polycom CS-100 speakerphone it useful when calling home. I usually use it in conjunction with X-Lite and OnSIP. Sometimes with Skype if I’m fighting my way through firewalls and NAT problems.

I’m also carrying a T-Mobile Blackberry Pearl so I’ll be riding someones GSM network for cellular service. I bet that’s expensive! Wonder what the data service will cost. There’s a PC in my office running Outlook and the Blackberry redirector so that my corp e-mail finds me.

The folks at the factory are heavy Skype users, but not at all interested in SIP. I may need to suggest an in-house Asterisk server so that we can use IAX2 to facilitate firewall/router/NAT traversal and bridge into OnSIP. Perhaps some day. Not likely any time soon.

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