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Doug Mohney Presents On HDVoice AT DEFCON 18

Doug Mohney is spending this week in Las Vegas at DEFCON 18. I understand that today he was to give a presentation entitled “HDVoice –  The Overdue Revolution.”

I surely do wish that I was able to attend DEFCON and see Doug’s session, but my vacation plans were firm before I knew about what he was doing. I’m told that the DEFCON sessions were recorded and will eventually be made available for download.

Doug’s presentation includes a couple of the wideband audio examples with accompanying video clips of the energy vs frequency display from Cool Edit Pro. These are two examples from my Astricon 2009 presentation on HDVoice. The material for that presentation eventually made it online in several parts.

I’m happy to help people spread the gospel of HDVoice. I look forward to hearing Doug’s presentation when I’m back in action next week.

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