The Aastra 6739i & Bluetooth Headsets

Aastra 6739i Desk PhoneIt certainly seems that the Aastra 6739i is the new king-of-the-hill with respect to feature-laden enterprise class SIP desk phones. Amongst it’s myriad features you will find included the ability to use a Bluetooth headset .

For the past nine months I’ve used the Savi Go Bluetooth headset around the office. In that case I’m using the headset with a soft phone since the Savi Go is provided with a class 1 Bluetooth USB dongle. The Savi Go is kinda unique because it supports wideband audio over Bluetooth.

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Aastra’s 6739i vs Polycom SoundPoint IP650?

Aastra 6739i Desk PhoneOn the VUC call of May14th we were fortunate to be joined by Tony Lewis, CEO of Schmooze Communications, the creators of PBXact. Tony was, to the best of my knowledge, the very first person to join the call using Aastra’s latest uber-desk-phone, the 6739i.

Tony was able to fill us in on some of more details about Aastra’s product line, and specifically their implementation of wideband voice…or as they call it “Hi-Q.”

It was just over a year ago that there was a hint that Aastra has released some firmware for their existing 57 series phones that implemented G.722 wideband capability. However, like snom before them, they were adding wideband voice support to a hardware platform that was not from the outset designed around such capability.

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Aastra 6730i: The Most Affordable HDVoice Capable Desk Phone?

The folks at Junction Networks / OnSIP have recently posted a review of the Aastra 6730i, a recent entry-level offering in the Aastra lineup.

The entire 67xx series features Aastra’s Hi-Q technology. Hi-Q includes the combination of the G.722 wideband codec and software based compensation for the physical properties of the transducers on the device.

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Aastra Adds Support for Wideband Codecs


The trend toward wideband telephony continues unabated. Earlier this week I learned that Aastra’s recent v2.5 firmware release for their SIP phones has added support for a variety of wideband codecs. Aastra phones have long been a favorite, their 480i CT being a cordless solution that I used for about a year.

In a move to rationalize their newer series of phones and certain older models, the 480i was redesignated as model 9480i CT. It appears that this new firmware is applicable to their entire range of SIP phones. It’s not clear if my older 480i CT will benefit much from the upgrade.

I still have that 480i so at some point I will try this new firmware. It will be interesting to see to what extent the hardware is capable of leveraging quality possible with the wideband codecs. I’ll also perform some basic G.722 interoperability testing against with Eyebeam, Gigaset and Polycom phones.

Aastra MBU-400: Oh Oh?

aastra_mbu400_270x270Since first posting about availability of the new Aastra MBU-400 SIP/DECT system I’ve seen considerable interest in the device, but no-one stepping up with any first hand experience with its use.  The device is in fact vaguely related to the snom m3 SIP/DECT systems that I own and enjoy using. Both are based upon reference designs from RTX Telecom.

As an OEM product from RTX Telecom the hardware design is largely fixed, but Aastra has a lot of control over the firmware. I know that snom has made considerable progress with firmware enhancements for the m3 since it was introduced to the US about a year ago.

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