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Aastra Adds Support for Wideband Codecs


The trend toward wideband telephony continues unabated. Earlier this week I learned that Aastra’s recent v2.5 firmware release for their SIP phones has added support for a variety of wideband codecs. Aastra phones have long been a favorite, their 480i CT being a cordless solution that I used for about a year.

In a move to rationalize their newer series of phones and certain older models, the 480i was redesignated as model 9480i CT. It appears that this new firmware is applicable to their entire range of SIP phones. It’s not clear if my older 480i CT will benefit much from the upgrade.

I still have that 480i so at some point I will try this new firmware. It will be interesting to see to what extent the hardware is capable of leveraging quality possible with the wideband codecs. I’ll also perform some basic G.722 interoperability testing against with Eyebeam, Gigaset and Polycom phones.

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  1. Where do you see support of wideband codecs? I have a 9143i and updated to v2.5 in March. I’ve just re-read the release notes and see no mention of G.722.

    1. I have not yet seen it myself. I downloaded the software but have yet to install it to the phone. However, we have twice had people on the last two VUC calls that joined the wideband bridge in G.722. Also, David Frankel, CEO of ZipDX, has verified that the phones operate correctly with his conference bridge.

  2. G.722 was quietly released in version 2.4.1 of the Aastra SIP firmware – It is possible that this is the reason that there is no mention of it in the 2.5 release notes.

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