Deal Alert: Plantronics Savor M1100 BT Headset

savor_m1100_cThis morning’s email reveals that Daily Steals is offering the Plantronics Savor M1100 BT headset for a rather modest $20. While not a device that I’ve tried myself the M1100 was well reviewed by TMC back in 2012 when it first shipped.

The review includes a good deal of technical detail about its capabilities. The fact that it supports wideband audio and A2DP are key features in my realm.

Plantronics own page for the product indicates that it’s been discontinued. After 18 months that completely to be expected. If you need a BT headset, it’s hard to see how you could go wrong with this M1100 for a paltry $20.

I Miss The Voice In My Head

voyagerpro_uc_standard-250 This post is about the recent loss of a not-so-old friend and travelling companion. It’s sad when we lose a friend, especially when they’re still young and in their prime.

This past week I’ve been lamenting the loss of my Plantronics Voyager Pro UC V2 Bluetooth headset. After a year of steady use it recently met its demise by canine misadventure.

Yes teacher, my dog ate my headset. I swear its true. She chewed it up good!

It serves me right for leaving the little faux leather pouch within her reach.

It is a pity because I really liked that headset.

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