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The LifeSpan Of A Yeti

Last week my Blue Microphones Yeti became completely unresponsive. A USB-connected microphone, when I connected it to my desktop Windows reported that the device was unrecognized. Digging into the device manager on the OS, I found a device connected, but not identified. Since the device was not responding to the OS no driver could be assigned.

I filed a trouble report with Blue Microphones, who responded a day later with a list of questions. They wanted to know if I’d tried a different USB cable, or a difference computer? Of course, I’d done these things. I tried with my desktop, laptop and a Mac Mini…heck, I’d even powered up an old HP 2140 netbook so I could try the Yeti with Windows XP.

No Joy. Beyond being unrecognized by the hosts, the Yeti itself was unresponsive. The microphone mute button was on, and could not be turned off. After a few emails the Blue support team determined that the Yeti was in fact deceased. If I could show proof that it was within the two-year warranty period they’d replace it.

As I recall I received my Yeti as a Christmas gift in 2011. So, he was almost four years of at at the time of his passing. Sadly, beyond the warranty period.

The Yeti had a particular role in my operation. It was the full-bandwidth microphone that I used when recording narration for the tutorial videos that I occasionally create. While I didn’t use it all that often, I do need something to fill that role.

However, I’m not rushing to acquire another Yeti or Yeti Pro. My most recent examination of microphones for telecom, podcasting & production, has me considering something much smaller. Ideally, I’d like to try a headset that features a full-bandwidth microphone element. This has turned out to be a rare bird. Perhaps I’ll revisit stage microphones like the Countryman E6 or the inexpensive Pyle-Pro PMHM2.

Replacing the Yeti will have to wait until after the holidays. Perhaps CES will reveal some new alternative that will prove interesting.

As microphones goes the Yeti is a fearsome creature, but they are apparently short-lived.

P.S. – YouTuber extraordinaire Marques Brownlee recently began a new series on “YouTube Gear” by recommending the Yeti.

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