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#VUC540: Tim Panton Presents YoPet – A WebRTC Application

yopet-logo-360pxVUC540 on Friday, May 8th, 2015 will feature Tim Panton, WebRTC guru, VUC regular and self-described protocol droid, detailing a recent pet project known as YoPet. YoPet is a WebRTC-based service built to allow pet owners a simple, secure way to video chat with their furry, scaly and/or feathered friends.

Yopet is comprised of a web service that connects the distant pet owner back to the home, where the pet has access to an Android device running the YoPet application. In the telling of this tale Tim will illuminate a variety of issues faced in developing the app & associated service.

This weeks related form of dangerous demo may involve one of my canine office-mates demonstrating YoPet live.

As Randy is taking a vacation in Cuba, where internet access is extremely limited, I get to be pilot-in-charge for this little online misadventure. Now everyone please be seated, it could be a little bumpy on the climb to cruising altitude. Fear not, the unflappable Andy Smith of TruePhone will be in the co-pilot seat.

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