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New Gear: Grandstream GXV3275

Grandstream-gxv3275-right-300pxGrandstream recently released a new model of desk phone, the GXV3275 Multimedia IP Phone for Android. A logical successor to their GXV3175 model, it’s been updated in a variety of ways. Most interestingly, it runs Android 4.2, aka Jelly Bean. This is most recent release of Android that I’ve encountered running on a dedicated desk phone.

My enthusiasm for smart desk phones arises at least in part from a desire to see telephones play a larger role in home automation. This desire I have expressed at various times over the years, although Dave Michels perhaps has gone further with respect to acting upon a similar desire.

Looking to it’s feature list the new GXV3275 is enough to make any serious telecom geek interested;

  • 7” capacitive touch display
  • 10/100/1000 MBps networking
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Bluetooth for use with headsets
  • Bluetooth linking to a mobile phone
  • Built-in VPN client
  • 6 SIP lines
  • HDVoice
  • Mini-HDMI video out
  • SD memory slot
  • 2 USB ports
  • On-phone 3-way video calling
  • Access to the Google Play store

Since we just started using the Algo 8028 SIP Door Phone at our front gate, I thought that the GXV3275 and a Grandstream SIP surveillance camera might be an interesting way to add the visual component that the door phone lacks. On this basis I accepted the offer of a GXV3275 review unit from Grandstream. It arrived last last week and has just come out of the box. I’ll have more to say about this device once it’s been in service for a while.

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