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Polycom Offers Advice For Home Office Working

I’ve noticed that Polycom has been ramping up their use of YouTube in recent months. Their YouTube channel offers more that just product related clips. They have some interesting clips highlighting some of their more innovative ideas and the people who brought them about. 

Just this week they have added a handful of short clips featuring company co-founder Jeff Rodman offering some solid advice on issues related to using video in a home office. For example, this clip on lighting.


If you’ve been reading hereabouts over the past year you’ve likely encountered my own exercise in searching out better lighting.

This series of clips on home office topics strikes very close to home for me. They address issues that I’ve faced over the years. For example, the difference very real between a speakerphone and a conference phone.

Polycom Home Working 101The company is also offering a document called, “Home Working 101” which has some sensible advice on ensuring home office productivity. Beyond issues of technology, like choosing a reliable internet connection or using a good headset, they address issues of working habit and state-of-mind.

My office is painted Forest Green. This color, while on the dark side, tends to make men feel happier. The fact that it’s dark is offset in my case by the huge amount of natural light that comes into my office space.

They cite a study recommending working without music as a more productive habit. If you desire some background music, choosing instrumental music because it’s less distracting. I typically prefer to work in silence.

Finally, they advise “Get a pet.” Pets reduce our stress and give us motivation to routinely get out and exercise. I know from experience that our dogs are good company when I’m working. Though they occasionally make their presence heard when I least expect it, they are important parts of my team.

Polycom even suggests that when travelling you can make a video call to your pet. I’m not at all certain that our two Labradors would appreciate that. However, I know for a fact that they more readily recognize my voice when I call home and my wife take the call on a conference phone that features HDVoice.

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