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i-Bell: A Wifi-Enabled Video Doorbell From The UK

What a novel idea! A video capable doorbell that leverages your Wifi! It calls an app on your smart phone (iOS & Android.)  It’s like FaceTime for Fedex!

Seriously, this is the third such device that’s come to my attention. The ill-fated DoorBot, which was such a disaster for us,  was the first, followed shortly thereafter by SkyBell.  I’ve heard that some folks have had trouble with SkyBell as well.

While I have taken down our DoorBot, I would like it known that I am an optimist! I read the information offered by i-Bell on their web site and it gives me hope. They stipulate an HD camera with 180 degree field of view! This where DoorBot had an awesome VGA resolution camera!

Could it be that i-Bell will deliver a real, working solution to the home office worker who needs to reliably receive courier deliveries? While also safeguarding against random visitors pitching perilous products or belief systems. Given my recent experience, I’ve emailed the company a short list of questions that go beyond the details they offer online.

I remain hopeful that someone will consider something more than just a smartphone app as a client side solution. There’s no reason that someone ringing the hyper-smart doorbell can’t cause a call to arrive at my lovely, standards-compliant Polycom VVX-600….or one of Grandstream’s new GXV-3275s…video and all!

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