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Deal Alerts: BT Headset Revisited & Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand

Tis the season, etc, etc. This has me watching the daily bargain sites a little more than usual. Today’s email flood brings two items worth a mention.

Back on December 5 I told you about the Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset being offered for just $39. That was a short-term deal that expired after just 24 hours. Today I find that the same company is repeating the offer, but this time it’s at a section of their website that sustains the offer until the inventory is gone. If you were indecisive and missed the earlier offer you can still get one. It’s unlikely to arrive before the holidays, so it’s more of a self-gift than a stocking stuffer.

The Daily Deals site has an offer of an Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand for $30. Normally this sort of thing would not catch my eye. In this case the very fact that the seller has provided a number of supporting images is key to attracting my interest.

I look nothing like the models pictured. Nor would I ever work with a laptop while in a crouched, kneeling or other awkward position on the ground. I’d only use such a stand in bed if I were desperately sick.

laptop stand

The various images shown on the site includes one with dimensions. This one image suggests that the laptop stand is capable of adapting a normal desk into a standing desk, which is something that I’ve been thinking about for a some time.

The measurements shown imply that the stand can reasonably achieve a height of around 18” while maintaining an adjustable angle. I’ve measured my desk and found my ideal wrist height while standing. If the stand can get to around 14” tall then it will allow me to try an adjustable standing desk at relatively low-cost. It’s actually cheaper and more flexible than some of the Ikea hacks that I’ve read about.

Oh, yes…it has a pair of USB-powered fans to help me keep my cool. Not!

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  1. Thanks I missed it the first time! Been wanting a good Bluetooth for use in the hotel especially. Got one for the wife also.

    1. Excellent! Sometimes I wonder if people appreciate these Deal Alerts. They are the one thing that I do that must be timely. I must take the time to post the item if it’s only available for a day or two.

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