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DoorBot Up For Pre-Order On Amazon

DoorBot-Looking-LeftWhile we are still awaiting the arrival of my little friend here, it seems that you can now place an order for DoorBot via Amazon. The item is listed as unreleased, but available for pre-order for $199.

I suppose that offer points to some possibility that they will actually be shipping soon. To be fair, the company has been pretty good about keep supporters abreast of their progress via their Facebook page. While Jamie’s Oct 1 video post mentioned “Michael in Texas” as being one of the first devices to ship, it must not have been me, since we’re still waiting.

Edison Junior, being a small team, had been working out of Jamie Siminoff’s garage, it seems that they have taken on some space in order to handle all the product arriving from overseas manufacturing. In fact, they’ve put up a Dropcam to let people peer into their DoorBot Factory.

They also got a little coverage in a Wired Gadget Lab article. That piece reports that commercial shipments will start on December 1. I suspect that Edison Jr is hoping to take some orders beyond the initial supporters, as the holiday season is now drawing near.

It’s been about 11 months since I placed my order via Christie Street.

Presuming that they can get them shipping in the coming weeks a DoorBot could be a nice holiday gift idea.

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    1. I’ve yet to watch that. It was just Friday evening. I think that the device is a good idea, Just concerned about missing the holiday selling season. There have been so many delays.

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