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TWiT’s Know-How Picks Cameras For Podcasting

Apparently I’m not the only person pondering cameras for use with computers. TWiT’s recent Know How program, episode #69, goes over selecting a camera for podcasting applications.

They start in the low-end with USB attached webcams, citing the Logitech Pro 9000 and Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 as good starting points. They note quite correctly that a USB attached webcam is the preferred way to do live streaming online, which is basically the same use-case as UC applications.

In truth, the Webcam Pro 9000 is obsolete. While it’s still available the newer B910, C920 and C930e models are definitely preferable.

They then escalate into issues that relate largely to more traditional video production, as opposed to live streaming. They place a lot of emphasis on sensor technology, specifically CMOS vs CCD sensors. Such issues don’t really come into play until your spending a lot on a traditional production video camera. If you’re interested in such matters have a look at a recent TVTechnology article that examines CMOS, 10 Years Later.

While the camera segment is a nice introduction, it leaves me wanting more. I’d like to see them do something more detailed about setting up a live streaming studio.

This is typically the case. There’s a large audience for  an introduction to anything-at-all. The audience falls off quickly as you start to dive deep into the details of how to actually do something potentially interesting.

This very phenomenon is why TVOntario didn’t want to produce Kite Crazy 2, when the original Kite Crazy series was one of their most popular How-To series of the 1990s. That series, a project from a past life, was produced by SOMA Media Works. I was one of a handful of guest hosts, making it my sole foray in front of a TV camera.

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