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BlackMagic, Nexus Devices, MHL, SlimPort & Elgato Game Capture HD

elgato-game-capture-hd.jpgUpon reading my prior post about my effort to capture the output of one of my Android devices fellow VUC alumni Andreas Dorfer suggested that I try the Elgato Game Capture HD. At first I was reluctant to make yet another purchase in pursuit of this goal, but I eventually caved in ordering one from Amazon for $179.

It arrived today. It took only a few minutes to come to the conclusion that it was not a solution to my problem. While I opened a trouble ticket with the company to pursue the matter, I discovered a FAQ entry claiming that the Nexus 4 always sets the HDCP copy protection flag in the video stream. Thus no downstream device will be able to record the output of the Nexus 4.

What’s unclear to me is whether control of that HDCP flag is done by the Nexus 4 or the SlimPort® SP1002 adapter.

Whatever the case, the Elgato device is being returned. This little pursuit has tried my patience enough for one week.

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    1. Funny that noone at Elgato had any answer at all in this regard. Going to S-Video or composite implies SDTV resolution of not more than 720 x 486 pixels at 30 frames/sec. Component could be higher-resolution.

      In the relatively recent past Hollywood has acted to close what they call the “analog loophole” forcing HDMI/HDCP chipsets to disable HD analog component outputs when the HDCP flag is set.

      Our aged Toshiba HD-DVD player suffered this feature. It would play SD DVDs via the component outputs, but HD-DVDs only played via HDMI output.

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