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IEEE Spectrum Podcast With Dan Berninger of VCXC

IEEE-Spectrum-Podcast-in-thinkpad-x1-carbon Earlier this month Steven Cherry of the IEEE Spectrum podcast interviewed Daniel Berninger of The Voice Communications Exchange, aka VCXC, about the end of the PSTN. Dan certainly knows this space well. He covers a number of topics, including IP peering between carriers and potential new services, including HDVoice. It’s a good interview, well worth a listen.

However, like the CNet & Ooma interview from June 2012, the production of the interview is done completely ignoring the possibility of using HDVoice to craft the podcast itself.  I’m sure that this was a simple matter of choosing convenience over all else on the part of the IEEE staff.

Nonetheless, IP networks and tools capable of wideband audio (HDVoice) are excellent tools for podcasters. This has been well proven over the years by many people using both proprietary tools (Skype) and standards-based tools (SIP, IAX, XMPP.)

I would like to offer you the opportunity to listen to the interview while seeing the qualitative difference in the audio quality between Steven Cherry and Dan Berninger. As the host, and making a local recording, Steven Cherry is presented full bandwidth. In contrast, since Dan Berninger phoned in the interview, he is presented in the ages old narrowband standard of the legacy PSTN.

To any podcaster who wants to conduct remote interviews with better audio quality, please contact me. I can help you to leverage free and open source tools to gather better quality audio. It doesn’t take much effort, but it makes for much better podcasts.

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  1. I think/hope you’ll start to see this shift in the U.S. in the New Year as mobile carriers (finally) start to roll out HD voice service. There are already support pieces floating around in the broadcast radio arena to support AMR-WB calls.

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