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Google+ For Android: Selective Photo Upload?

T-MOBILE-G2-G-PLUS One of the nicer things about Google+ is its integration with mobile platforms. The updates for my Android cell phone have been coming at a regular pace. Certainly more often than most of the other apps I routinely use.

One of the most convenient features is the auto upload of photos taken by the phone. Such a feature is actually so convenient that’s it’s seriously bothersome when, for whatever reason, it doesn’t work as expected. This is what’s happening with my G2 for the past few weeks. It only uploads some of the photos I take.

Now, I should be clear, when I bought the G2, about a year ago, I merely moved the 2GB micro-SD card from my old Blackberry 9700 to the new Android phone. That memory card presently holds just over 800 photos and a handful of video clips. It also holds a few hundred songs & podcasts.

In recent weeks it seems quite random with respect to which pics it will upload to my Google+ profile. If a pic doesn’t get uploaded there seems no way to upload it without also sharing it in a somewhat public fashion. This seems problematic.

It’s not clear if this is an issue with the Android or the Google+ client for Android, but it sure does bug me. It makes me wonder how the combination would handle the storage capacity of a more modern micro-SD card, with as much as 16 GB of space for photos.

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  1. I had the same problem. Not sure how you intend to use the service, but if you are looking at it from an automated backup usage, look for an app called “sweet home” You can set it to automatically upload photos to any shared drive on your home network. I have it set to upload when I plug in the charger and the phone is on the home wifi. Works perfectly. I have both my wife’s phone and my phone backup in this fashion.

    1. My use case was typically centered around instant gratification. For example, I’d take a pic of something then want to take that pic into Photoshop to rework it for use here. If the pic wasn’t available via Google+ in short order I’d consider the “instant upload” process a failure. After all, it’s on my wifi. Even my DSLR with an EyeFi card uploads pics to Flikr more reliably.

      Often if I really wanted the pic ASAP I’d pass it into Evernote, then sync the note back to my desktop.

  2. In my experience there’s always been a delay in the uploads, ranging from minutes to days. I’ve left it enabled, but decided to give it a few months to mature. Sounds like it’s not yet time to take another look.

    I actually want MORE selectivity on the uploads. Google+ routinely uploads many (perhaps all) of the images that are attached to emails that come in to my phone. As a result my Google+ photo catalog is full of company logos and other such bits from people’s email signatures.

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