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ZipDX Addresses The FCC On The AT&T-T-Mobile Merger

ZIP-DX &  IP7000 It’s nice to see people “thinking outside the box” as exemplified by David Frankel’s recent presentation to the FCC. Please recall that David is the CEO of ZipDX, a leading voice in the battle for HDVoice and a sponsor of the VoIP Users Conference.

Doug Mohney’s HD Voice News has a good overview of David’s petition. David’s idea was that the merger hearings present an opportunity to point out how the ILECs have utterly failed to advance the issue of call quality. What Doug doesn’t mention is the mechanism of David’s presentation on May 27th.

Thinking ahead, David couriered a Polycom Soundstation IP7000 to the FCC. That conference phone, a marvelous exemplar of HDVoice gear, was preconfigured to log into ZipDX. Thus David made his presentation by teleconference using an HDVoice call.

In so doing he gave the FCC commissioners what might well be their very first personal experience with wideband telephony. According to David the commission was very favorably impressed with the experience.

Kudos to David for bringing the issue of HDVoice to an FCC discussion where it might not have seemed relevant to the the average person. Let’s hope that the commissioners take all the public comment seriously, and not just succumb to the AT&T lobby.

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